Fairbanks, Alaska

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Avalon Development  Corporation

Avalon Development offers its clients a wide range of mineral exploration services that are customized to individual client and property needs.  All of our services are confidential and our past experience has proven our ability to work for multiple clients at the same time, sometimes even in the same mining district. Avalon's strengths include:

O Precious, base and platinum group element target identification.

O Comprehensive multi-discipline GIS database compilation and information management.

O Claim staking and digital land management services.

O Pre-field exploration design, permitting and budgeting.

O Comprehensive field exploration with unique "shared risk" budget management services.

O All-season diamond core and reverse circulation drilling program management.

O Lease - purchase, joint venture and equity swap negotiations and contract management.

O Ore deposit modeling and resource estimation.

O State, Federal and local exploration permit acquisition and management.

O Technical report writing and property marketing, including NI43-101 compliant reports.

O  Internet-supported information services at our website.