Fairbanks, Alaska

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Since its founding in 1985, Avalon Development has evolved along with the mineral industry and its clients.  Avalon exploration teams participated in a number of discoveries in the state. In the Fairbanks District, Avalon was responsible for Alaska’s newest gold discovery, the +1 million ounce Peak zone deposit, as well as the 6.5 million ounce intrusive-hosted Dolphin gold deposit, initial targeting of the 20 million ounce Livengood deposit, the southwestern extension of the 1.3 million ounce True North deposit, and deep high grade gold resources at the historic Cleary Hill mine. Avalon has also been responsible for platinum group element, copper-nickel and rare earth element discoveries on several exploration projects across Alaska. Avalon continues to work with a number of major and junior mining companies involved in precious, base and strategic metal exploration in Alaska. Avalon Development's 20 years of experience is paying dividends to its clients on exploration programs extending from southeast Alaska to the Brooks Range, from eastern Interior Alaska to southwestern Alaska.

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Avalon Development maintains a listing of properties which are available for acquisition, lease or joint venture.

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You are welcome to submit a resume at any time of the year, but please follow the correct guidelines.  We will start reviewing resumes in January.

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